Zombie Experimentation Centre - Dank Parish
2012-2018 | London. UK | Crew: 19 | Audience: 87k

Zombie Experimentation Centre

” There are varying schools of thought regarding the degree to which we, as pioneers of an increasingly civilised world, should integrate with our  life-challenged brothers and sisters. The Zombie Research Centre was founded on the impulse to empower the isolated zombie as part of a useful contributor to modern society.”


The Zombie Research Centre is a high-impact under-world packed full of images which defy easy digestion. Since 2012 and in collaboration with DrumCode and London Warehouse Events, Dank parish set up The Zombie Research Centre to look into the question that has concerned dedicated horror-survivalists since the dawn of Resident Evil- can a zombie contribute to civilised society? Set inside a Halloween techno rave, audiences can drift though, or interact with our human-friendly zombie tests.  At times, the distinction between zombie and human can be less than clear but fear not; our dedicated, and arguably unhinged, scientists are on hand to navigate the chasm between rave -wanderer and our rotten-brethren.

We need your help- Can a zombie redirect its lust for human flesh to a more plant-based diet?  Could a zombie be put to work in a simple profession like packing groceries, or working for the local council? results are sometimes inconclusive, particularly when we consider that each experiment ends in bloody destruction. And should we trust the intent of our scientists, bordering, as it seems to, on the lustful and sado-masochistic.?

Over the years The Zombie Research Centre has evolved to meet the demands of a popular culture which, even if it doesn’t accept zombies fully into its casting processes, displays a preference for humans who display zombie-like qualities. The most recent experiment ‘Zombie Love Island’ attempted to bridge the gap between reality TV and our worst nightmares. The most obvious question on this occasion however- can a zombie ever be the source of romantic attraction?- remained sadly unanswered, it’s very difficult to distinguish between blood-lust and sexual attraction.

"A thoroughly breath-taking affair"

- dmcworld

"Dank parish bought bold and surreal theatrics"

- edm

"Zesty zombies and all sorts of nightmarish creatures"

- data transmission

"Zombie 'Love Island' madness"

- zapbangmagasine