We love to play...

The Parish has been running workshops for a number of years, teaching and trainman performers in Immersive Performance, Interactive Play and large scale, multilayered gaming. 

BoomTown CHAPTER 9: KidzTown Carnival

Ran by our very own King of Playtime; Chris Gunter along with Baseline Circus , we ran workshops for children to participate in the Carnival at BoomTown Chapter 9 (2017).

Involving Music, Costume, and Theatre so that they kids could join the carnival itself during the festival.

These workshops were supported by Arts Council England.

BoomTown District Workshops 2018

Heading into this years festival, we have been employed by BoomTown to lead workshops with All of the theatrical districts to deliver a coherent and connected world across the whole festival.

From Shared internal stories from venue to venue, narrative, language and through to the design of the Immersive Maze game which runs across the whole weekend for over 60,000 players!

We will add extra skills for the already hugely experienced performers to bring this epic world alive, and to create the sense of a living, breathing town that exists around the audience, living pre and post festival. 

We are excited to see what this years festival can offer!


Interested in our Workshops?

Are you interested in The Parish running workshops for you? We can run a number of workshops for Immersive performance, Interactive Play and Game Design Mechanics.

Contact us for more information.