BoomTown Fair is one of the most inspiring and richly detailed festivals in the UK, with every inch of the site painstakingly created to create a pop-up world like no other.

Stacked full of walkabout performers and artists, with over a hundred micro venues, there is a surprise round every corner. The Town Hall is the jewel in Dank Parish's crown, and our resident venue at BoomTown, which we've been running it since 2013.

It is quite simply the biggest immersive venue in the biggest immersive world.

The massive frontage is covered in state-of-the-art projection, and inside you will discover a level of detail unparalleled in the festival world, with a series of tests and experiences meant to challenge and provoke our visitors. Read on to find out more about what we've been up to...



2016 marked the zenith and the end of the glorious leader, Comrade José.

The Town Hall has been turned into a recruitment centre for the Boomtown Warriors, the most loyal soldiers ready to die for our illustrious leader and to repel the terrorist forces of the Revolution who are beating at our door.

Of course, like all evil regimes the wheel spins, the end comes, and this beast went out with a bang...

The Recruitment Officers 

Before you can be sent off for missions throughout the town, we have to know, can we trust you?

Citizens are  met by loyal recruitment officers who will test your physical strength, mental control and your drive to be the best.

With obstacle courses, combat environments and shooting range we'll put you through your paces to find the cream of the crop.

Welcome to basic training...

Boomtown Town Hall 2016 1
Boomtown Town Hall 2016 2

The Sgt. Majors

Leading you through the training is your ever faithful friend and companion The Sgt Major.

They will look after you, kiss your little nosey, and wipe away those tears of fear and pain...LOL!

The Sgt.Major is your worst enemy; there to push you harder and weed out any weak or traitorous soldiers, stand to attention and fall in line; If you can’t hack it be prepared to face the firing squad…


Situated in the state of the art laboratory, the Doctor Needs You to create the greatest soldier of all time.

Become the Ultimate Boomtown Warrior! Taking samples, creating genetic mutations and using your physical measurements, our in house Doctor will combine all of your talents into a Frankensoldier, capable for destroying those nasty little revolutionary forces.

Boomtown Town Hall 2016 3
Boomtown Town Hall 2016 4


In true Dank tradition, there is always an interrogation.

The Political Propaganda Corp is here to make sure you think in the right way and can recognise a terrorist when you see one, even if they're your turncoat mates.  

Be prepared, sell out spies and get on board, after all...what's a little torture between friends?


Face your fears and engage in hand to hand combat with members of the you have the nerve to see it through or will the panic force you into the arms of the enemy?

Boomtown Town Hall 2016 5
Boomtown Town Hall 2016 6


Oh look!  You made it to Mission Control, untortured and with almost all of your limbs!

Welcome to the hub of power for the Boomtown Warriors. Get kitted out with the information you need to retrieve intelligence, spy on revolutionaries and fight the 'good fight' for our Illustrious Leader.

However, double agents are in our midst...uncaught, and light fingered, you now have the opportunity to steal the plans to the Town Hall or even the Palace itself...but will you make it to the endgame and finally take down the regime?



The ever paranoid leader COMRADE José, demands respect and loyalty from her subjects.

After returning to us, she is bitter and must strengthen her grip on the frightened subjects of Boomtown.

This year, the Dank Parish brings you the ultimate loyalty test, to show your undying love for this great and brutal leader...

but there is trouble afoot as the threat of  revolution rears its head...

The Army

The People’s army are here to protect you from yourselves - and each other.  

Rounding you up, they will choose unruly citizens who need to show a little more love for their illustrious leader and herd you into the Town Hall to be judged for even the most minor of misdemeanors...

Boomtown Town Hall 2015 1
Boomtown Town Hall 2015 2


Literally judges you.

Yes you.

But will you be marked as a trouble maker or raised to the loftiest of loyal heights?  

Sorting the wheat from the chaff, only a precious few players will be given the chance to redeem themselves and find the True Truth in the sanctuary of the Truest, or get some corrective specs from The Optician to help you see the strength of our glorious leader more clearly.

Perhaps The Propaganda Department will help you spread the word, or be examined by our Information Extraction experts to  prove your mettle...


The Optician

Designed to test your true understanding of the world around you, our Optician will test your vision - your true vision...what you see may not be true, we will probe into your mind and extract your innermost thoughts to recondition your view of the world and our Glorious Leader.

Boomtown Town Hall 2015 3
Boomtown Town Hall 2015 4

This Is The Truth

If the Optician is occupied, the official Spiritual message for the people will be brought to you by our resident Shaman.  

Expect to learn the Boomtown ruth: That there is no Truth, and once you accept this ruth, you will finally understand that there is no Truth, and you will find the true Truth to be able to spread more Truth to other with the understanding that you understand the Truth better than others.

The Truth is complicated...


Do you think you are strong enough to keep your cool no matter what the Regime has in store for you?

Who's skin would you save if push really came to shove?

For just one little piece of information all may be forgive - but there will be a price. This sensory experience aims to push your empathy to to edge.

Succeed and escape, to reap your reward...

Boomtown Town Hall 2015 5
Boomtown Town Hall 2015 6


Our interrogation team are primed and ready to extract your deepest secrets!

You and your friend will get the opportunity to prove your love for our illustrious leader by making the most important choice of all...your loyalty and your life for the small price of the secret of a fellow citizen - will you sell them out to avoid the thumbscrews..?



Some of you just need to learn the basics...Pirates are pricks and cowboys are C**Ts. It’s that simple! Join our mind control team as they show the ministries official broadcast to "make your brain work and love our leader!"


Successful players are rewarded not only with their lives and loyalty to the regime, but also with their very loyalty cards to prove the regimes approval of them - reassuring guards and soldiers across the city of their loyalty.

Then came the beautiful bells of the revolution...



One Love! One Boomtown! Comrade José's first act as mayor is an attempt to unify the distristicts into one town.

To enjoy each others differences and share each others experiences.

Unfortunately, during the old mayor's term a drive for power, opened the pathway to dictatorship, revolution and the corporate gods...

The Town Hall became the centre of the new Citizen tests, a system for Boomtown Fairs guests to become fully fledged citizens of Boomtown, collecting stamps from across the city to claim their passport, and pledge allegiance to their fledgling leader.



Our main playing space was reserved for guests to be inducted to what it means to be a Citizen of the beauteous Boomtown.

Can our guests have what it takes to be true to Comrade José...and how easily they can forget the towns divided past?  

Boomtown Town Hall 2014 1
Boomtown Town Hall 2014 2
Boomtown Town Hall 2014 3
Boomtown Town Hall 2014 4
Boomtown Town Hall 2014 5

Community Training Rooms

Behind the scenes, our players have a chance to be indoctrinated into the true Boomtown mindset.

From a classroom for the undisciplined and childish at heart, to  Interrogation rooms for those withholding secrets from the state...perhaps a little washing of the brain will help you see things more clearly, whilst interactive video mapping activates the spirit and reveals the path of true citizenship... 

Boomtown Town Hall 2014 6
Boomtown Town Hall 2014 7
Boomtown Town Hall 2014 8

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 19.19.55.png


The Town Mayor wants it's councillors to clean up each of BoomTown’s districts and announces a free vote of the people; BoomTown's first general election will take place at the huge Town Hall, with an Immersive Voting Experience run by Dank Parish, to elect a brand new Mayor and start a new chapter in the history of the City

BoomTown residents wishing to exercise their democratic right, entered the Town Hall to participate in a six part performance odyssey. 

Six rooms - each representing a different BoomTown district, offered players a seductive experiences to best promote their particular district. 

ChinaTown - a futuristic technological command centre from where punters could spy on different parts of the festival, and manipulate images and information as processed through control of a switchboard. 

Hold It Down Town - a free love hippy experience, with interactive crafts and spiritual guidance. 

DownTown - a grotesque beautifying parlour with cartoon beauticians. 

Mayfair - a high stakes poker game with Abstract expressionists. 

OldTown - a fortune telling, potato slinging gypsy lodge swap shop. 

Barrio Loco - a Mexican Day of the Dead journey through the afterlife. 

By night the Town Hall opened for late night raves with the cleanest and crispest drum and bass, accompanied by strange and beguiling images, projected onto the frontage of the building.  

Once the results of Election were counted, Barrio Loco (represented by Ms. Jose) won by a 4 count lead, and a new glorious leader of BoomTown was found...