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Vault Festival 2019

6 - 17 MAR | Various times | see website | 75 mins

Ever looked at a coffin and thought, I bet it’s comfy in there?

Think you can write a dead good eulogy?

Then perhaps you should join us in our unholy temple where a congregation of the curious are on hand waiting to usher your souls into the great beyond.

Take a turn with us and step into the light, past the vale of tears, and alter your reality as you assist with the writing of wills and obituaries for your mortal friends... and for the more courageous, maybe you'll follow that skull-grinning phantasm, sable-clad, beckoning from the deepest, dankest shadows.

The Church of the Sturdy Virgin is a surreal, immersive theatrical experience exploring our connection with death, inviting you to teeter on the brink of uncertainty, to choose the manner of your descent into the void.

Funeral attire is advised, the flowers are already deceased.

Dank Parish are a motley collection of theatre makers, performers, artists and writers with a distinctly surreal turn of mind. We create rich, detailed worlds which consume our audiences.

Long time favourites of the festival scene, Dank Parish create and curate unfettered playgrounds for the joyful exploration of the challenging and uncharted. We blossomed in the dark in 2011; in a fit of wistfulness and daydreams we plumbed the depths of our frenzied imaginations to produce our first interactive environments.

Since then we have worked in partnership with BoomTown Fair, creating sweeping, multi-faceted theatrical worlds for thousands of punters in the UK’s maddest city.

Our wild and playful audiences have joined us in a zombie training programme, an occult treatment centre, travelled with us through time, buried and resurrected countless willing participants at the Church of the Sturdy Virgin, kick-started a revolution and frolicked with the upper echelons of BoomTown's privileged elite in Mayfair Avenue, to name just a few, amongst a myriad of adventures.

Dank Parish throws the audience into the middle of the experience. Run. Or stay. Come and play in our frontier civilisations, forgotten worlds and forbidden environments.