MDMB: 2017

Money makes the town go round…and round….and round…

Business is BOOMIN', Moolah is everywhere - and if you got it, you can have it all!

Boomtown Bank is open and ready to fill your pockets with the dosh you deserve, but what are you willing to do for your Lolly? 

With the recent influx of Bunce from Bang Hai Industry, the Boomtown Dollar (or B$) is ready for the world stage in this brave new order, but can you trade to make this currency strong, multiply your profit margins and keep your ethics intact…

We are here to help you help yourself…

Bank of Mayfair 2017 1

Mayfair District Monetary Bank enticed players to access their worst selves and inner Capitalists - audiences could open accounts, withdraw cash, get a Credit Card, play the stock market, get a loan or simply sell their soul for a little bit of the action.

The Bank Floor offered access to get quick cash, the chance to increase profits or watch others make a fool of themselves - and just a privileged few could be headhunted and pulled into the executive suites...

Meet the Sales Team...

And be challenged to a game of Dragons Den meets an exercise in gross, players would pitch their worst, most corrupt business ideas for the biggest profit.

If this isn't to your taste, perhaps you'd care to meet the Property Development team, and throw around ideas to gentrify Old Town or extort those hard working tenants for everything they have!

Can the players keep their morals and ethics intact in the face of vast sums of cash?

Bank of Mayfair 2017 2
Bank of Mayfair 2017 3

Only the best, the brightest and the most ruthless recruits have the honour of meeting the CEO of MDMB; Swinging Dick can make all your dreams come true and make you more money than your wildest fantasy thoughts!

Being rich, however, does not mean you have power...pick between the cash and the crown to become a member of the revered, masonic and truly exclusive Golden Carrot Club - gaining you access to secret areas of the Mayfair, an unlimited bank balance with the MDMB Gold Card.

Or if you wuss out, you could be evicted for just one fatal misstep with nothing to show but the bitter memories of what’s slipped out of your grasp...

If you made it this far, you are the Dankest of the Dank.

Welcome to The MDMB Vault...the most secure place in Mayfair. Meet our Head Clerk, who can teach you how to hide your 'hard earned' profits from the ‘evil’ taxman and, for a little favour, raid the safe before breezing out into the bright lights of Mayfair to spend your beautiful B$ in the immersive and richly detailed venues in DIstrict.

Bank of Mayfair 2017 4



The difference between ordinary and extraordinary... is that little bit extra. 

The beautiful Bank of Mayfair is open for business, where players can indulge themselves in old money, sell their secrets and open the vault for hidden prizes...

At the Cashiers Desk, players can sell pretty much anything for cash, but the deeper you go, the Danker the pockets of the bank.

Players could be rewarded for only the most daring of offers, and maybe just maybe, you could earn your way to see the Manager and play for big prizes like tickets to Boomtown, hoodies and free drinks.

Bank of Mayfair 2016 1
Bank of Mayfair 2016 2
Bank of Mayfair 2016 3