Paradise Heights - Dank Parish
2017-2019 | Boomtown Fair | Crew: 114 | Audience: 126k

Paradise Heights

” Look upon us and behold our glory- pinnacles of success  adored by all; the world our willing plaything- we don’t concern ourselves with the wounds of the world, for we are the path to its betterment. At The Paradise Heights Resort we do as we please, we’ve earned it. Money buys time and time is Leisure, you either earn it or you spend it… Business or Pleasure?”


Since 2017 Dank Parish have created the theatrics for BoomTown’s Paradise Heights, a playground for the rich and privileged. This pleasure-seeking luxury holiday resort is home to over one hundred grotesque life-style junkies, fuelled by the need to fill their emptiness with unique experiences.

Across the district immersive venues include: ‘The Villa Avarice’, an interactive choose-your-own adventure style journey through a life-style centre, where the decision to function as either staff or guest affords you completely different theatrical experiences.

Elsewhere, at ‘Momentary Bliss’, Mr Bliss offers fully interactive  holistic therapy treatments such as ‘the restoritorium’ and ‘you-ga’, to cater for every realignment need. At Serpentines, a salacious private member’s club, cabaret-sleazy, casino-slooshing oddities promise to drown you in puddles of luxurious surreality.

The streets, windows and balconies across the district are packed full of debauched and satirical spectacle; lonesome brides enact masonic rituals in locked hotel rooms, bankers gamble over the fates of small business. The passing voyeur’s eyes are pulled everywhere, interweaving in tapestries of decadence; the heist taking place through the restaurant window, demonic ‘it’ girls injecting themselves with over-sized botox treatments, over-tanned holiday makers- skin peeling from their sun scars.

Inside the district’s nooks and crannies there is a much deeper level of immersion awaiting the avid game player. An elaborate game of Cat and Mouse, staff and managers waging war, which side to choose? The desire to expose corruption or the desire to crush dissent? A  non-linear maze encourages punters to find clues, follow mechanics, interrogate characters and choose affiliations within the disastrously self-serving politics of Paradise Heights. 

"Fantasy and reality collide"

- the festivals uk

"Bursting with utterly bonkers curios"

- time out

"Satire at its highest, and most unutterably silly"

- culturortrash

"Alive with an army of actors"

- devonlive