BoomTown: Chapter 10 2018

Discover a whole new world of materialistic luxuries with Vintage Remix, Funk & Soul, Soca, Carnival vibes.

The jewel in the crown of Bang Hai Industries’ redevelopment programme, the former district of Mayfair Avenue was the first to see the corporate money roll in. Hotels, casinos, restaurants and shopping outlets have sprung up, almost overnight, making this district the ultimate playground for the rich and famous.

If your names not on the list…


Villa Avarice

Sun bleached walls, cool terracotta floors, the smell of sunscreen and cold martinis. Welcome to Villa Avarice - the holiday destination for Boomtown's rich and famous; take in the sun, make a business deal - or simply look over the balcony and shout at poor people.

Villa Avarice has it all.

You too could become one of the elite one of the right people with Paradise Height's brand new platinum plus membership scheme, offering you access to the higher echelons of society and lifting you above the rest.

Get your holiday money, become a person of actual value and learn how to flash your hard earned cash to validate your existence and feel good! The Villa also believes in corporate responsibility.

Not part of the 1%? Never fear‚ you can gaze on luxury from afar. We offer the opportunity for the working poor to pull themselves out of poverty, with Banghai Industry‚ Welfare to Work scheme.

Join our staff work for tips and overhear the secrets of the rich you aspire to be.

Join us and discover the luxury that is Villa Avarice.


Walkabout smal.jpg

District Balconies and Walkabout

Out in the glitzy piazzas, glowing streets of paradise heights are all kinds of opulent guests, the kind you should be grateful to meet... The couple who loved sun too hard, bleeding from the cracks on their bandaged necks and backs.

Don't worry it's not contagious.... apply a little aloe... the plan's to have an awesome tan... it'll all be brown by tomorrow
And if you're the kind who finds it hard to unwind consider visiting one of our many clubs: 

Ah yes... the captain and his crew, standing by the fountain waiting for you to jump aboard and take the tour, limited places.. sign up, quick, grab your snorkel and your fishing kit

Or else the holiday reps might tickle your fancy... food your thing? Try our gourmet delicacies, they're happy to serve (if you are a guest and can give a decent tip otherwise you'll need to serve I'm afraid that's just the way it is) 

And of course games, arts and other distractions for your holiday convenience... feeling bored?

Get the paradise servers to open the doors to your desires

Feeling glum? Cheer up! not sure how? Why not visit Steven the holiday cow. He's big he's furry... he loves kids... why is he wobbling  (promise he's not pissed) 

Avoid gamblers and the disgusting ordure of the fallen businessmen... you may see them lurking in the shadows gambling. 

Momentary Bliss Small.jpg

Momentary Bliss

Created by our great friends and collaborators : In(ep)trepid

Momentary Bliss - A Boomtown Betterment Clinic.

Welcome to Momentary Bliss, your safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of modern living in the heart of Paradise Heights.

Come and relax with us in the 'Serenary' of our beautiful gardens, re-invigorate yourself with one of our 'Enhancement Classes' or join us in the 'Momentary Bliss Restoratorium' and find your best self.

Our highly-trained, re-alignment specialists will pinpoint your worries, your short-comings and your cognitive manipulations and have you certified normal in no time.

Already perfect? Congratulations! Come and enjoy one of our artisan treatments‚ proven to calm even the most focused mind.

Why not immerse yourself in the Amazon Rainforest and find your spirit animal? Or try our world-famous Himalayan Spoon Therapy?