Mayfair - Dank Parish
2015 | Boomtown Fair | Crew: 87 | Audience: 32k


“Knowledge is power? Nonsense, a vast number of the bankers, business pranksters and think-tankers of Mayfair lack what could be reasonably thought of as  ‘intelligence’. However, they are very good at keeping secrets. So maybe that’s it- ‘the perceived lack of knowledge is power’. Yes, that’ll do, that’s far more confusing.”

The glitzy beauty of Mayfair is as shallow as the cosmetics adorning the leering faces on the streets and verandas of BoomTown’s most lavish district. Part balcony-based district wide spectacle, part intimate audience participation, Mayfair is a grotesque depiction of the excesses of money and the corruption that it affords. Audience members interact with Mayfair luminaries , those whose lies and trickery enable them to waltz merrily across the blood and tears of  poorer districts. If you have a flexible moral compass you may do well, the glitterati of Mayfair are ready to dispense BoomTown dollars, for your spending pleasure, should you offer suitable service.

Punters are enlisted to explore the ‘freedoms’ money can by, after all, with money you can do what you like, whenever you like, free from restraint and judgement.  Only through acquisition can punters experience all the district has to offer, who after all, wouldn’t want to dine at the famous ‘Dejeuner des Derrieres’, just be sure to ignore the golden toilet, bestraddled by ‘it-girl’, positioned immediately above the restaurant kitchen. Or else why not visit ‘The Tat Modern’ to experience truly stripped back approaches to composition and art appreciation.

The largest venue within Mayfair, The Bank is the epicentre of Mayfair’s activity. Here, snarling predatory bankers battle punters, interest rates and each other to maintain supremacy in the pit. Incorporating grotesque physical characterisation, in-your-face interaction and frantic ensemble movement, the 3 day long rolling improvisation culminates in the emergence of a cult – who worship the mystical ‘Profit’, a deity  insisting on utter devotion, endlessly feeding on the chaos it creates.

"Hurling abuse at you as a common Citizen"

- uk festival Guides

"Ostentatious playboy playground "

- plymouth herald

"The best place to find yourself stumbling "

- outline

"You choose your own adventure"

- efestivals