The Extreme Marathon Training Simulator was an almighty test of endurance.

One of many experiences and delights at an Olympic-themed Bearded Kitten party back in 2011, our Simulator pushed people to the limit.

Visitors had to run on a treadmill while a specially produced POV film was projected in front of them.

As they made it through the treacherous cross-country terrain, they were taunted by competitors, scratched by branches, goaded by their coach, and their innermost thoughts were played out through headphones.

The simulator had three alternate endings - a Joyous Victory, a Shameful Defeat, and a Doping Scandal... Created long before the revelations about Lance Armstrong and other cheating athletes, our Simulator really was ahead of its time in many ways.

A glorious one-off experience, this was our triumphant debut in the immersive theatre world.

The Extreme Marathon Training Simulator 1
The Extreme Marathon Training Simulator 2