Legitimate Peaky Blinders - Dank Parish
2019 | Birmingham, UK | Crew: 142 | Audience: 5.5k

Legitimate Peaky Blinders

“The world is changing, lay down your arms, wipe your bloody fists… The Shelbys sit at the head of the food chain, their enemies defeated or appeased. Today is a chance to give back to the community. Today we celebrate. Today we set aside old scores. Any failure to maintain the peace will result in violent reprisal; By Order of the Peaky Blinders.”



1928. Birmingham. England.

Digbeth has been opened for the first ‘Legitimate Peaky Blinders festival’.

The streets of the original Peaky Blinders activity are interspersed with 5 stages of music and populated by scores of characters in an immersive expansion of the Peaky Blinders World;  bent coppers, drunken shoe-shines, women’s rights activists and, of course, the immaculate Peaky Blinders, looking every inch as sharp as the razors stashed in their caps.

Punters, free to choose their own level of involvement, can simply watch the unfolding narratives of each character play out over the course of the 2 day festival, or else jump into the more interactive, game-playing elements of this immersive experience, possibly enlisted by one of the world’s many factions.

Choose your side. Join the march. Fight for your tribe.

Audiences can trade secrets with James Shelby in the heart of the boxing gym, or lose some graciously received cutter in the VIP gambling den, after all, all proceeds go to the charitable Shelby Foundation.

Outside, the Lee family have set up camp in the yard; street entertainments, fortune telling and opportunities for quick greasy profit abound.

Down the road, The O’ Carrolls, with their proud links to the original Irish Volunteers, curate The Ruin Public House, punters venturing here might find themselves enlisted to their cause, after all, in The Ruin are many who long for something alternative to the Peaky rule.

There could be no Immersive Peaky Blinders Experience without violence.

To this end, throughout the day, charity boxing matches are staged in the boxing ring used in the original series, be it a ‘fair go’ between a copper and a peaky, a prize fight with a war hero, a grudge match between old enemies, or  a bare-knuckle fight between the Lees and O’Carrolls to establish ascendancy, each vicarious, bloody fight happens alongside the punter, sometimes spilling out into the bar into dynamic shared-space brawls.

"Dank Parish certainly stepped it up a notch"

- whats on

"Brutal and professionally produced"

- i am birmingham

"A criminally good immersive experience"

- herald publicist

"A living, breathing set"

- the telegraph