DANK PARISH has been working with Immersive Festival BoomTown Fair since 2012 creating installations, experiences and narrative content to bring this epic world to life.

Throughout the years we have buried people, created a Democracy (and watched it fall into Dictatorship), incite a revolution, and flash the cash with the new elites. 

Originally, a small venue, at the Town Hall we have grown to curate large scale immersive games in Mayfair Avenue with over 15,000 players.

This year, we will bring you all the 80's glam of a holiday resort, the sun, the music and all of the hairspray. Join us as Guests, or as Staff, as you unlock the secrets of our glorious benefactor; Bang Hai Industries.....

If you have your Paradise Heights code, get ready to book your reservation.  

Paradise HEIghts 2018


Mayfair Bank 2016-2017

THE TOWN HALL 2013-2016

The Church of the sturdy virgin 2013-2016