Area 404 | CH1 : A Lost Hope - Dank Parish
2020 | Bristol, UK | Crew: 19 | Audience: 12.3k

Area 404 | CH1 : A Lost Hope

“If any of this is to be remembered… any reason for these pains… such pains, upon us all… if there be any cause…it is that she betrayed us, abandoned us in our hour of need. We, the unclean, the forgotten, she discarded us, her children, and left us to wilt and wither. Pray we decay quicker, and pray death or a cure comes before the cloud does…”


Themed around an explosion at Sector 6’s power plant, BoomTown’s new Bristol club venue welcomed punters inside its dystopian walls. The fall-out victims,  still somehow inexplicably breathing, hold onto the idea that some cure for their vastly disturbing mutation is coming soon.

But there are bigger shadows lurking. Vigilance is required at all times for a cataclysmic evil floats mercilessly on the horizon – The Cloud, a synthetic and amorphous dust, the breath of which promises insanity and terror.

Audiences witness spectacles depicting the cloud’s attack, afflicted victims twisting and warped, attacking each other, descending into demonic states. The unfolding narrative takes place over the course of the night, springing up in different locations. Will Area 404 be able to withstand the Cloud?

Theatrical survival horror devices abound throughout the show: All the denizens of 404 are potentially dangerous; Human guard dogs, ‘level 7s’, threaten physical violence; others, ‘level 5s’, speak in prophetic tongues; the cool and calculated, ‘level 10s’, are fully consumed by the cloud and think only of how to bring total death to this yester-world. The night culminates with violent spectacles breaking out across the club as the cloud eventually takes over.

Amidst the horror, game-playing punters are taken to the medic’s rooms for research, and to withstand the onset of further mutation. Others witness paranoid workers trying to unearth the secrets of why they’re being forgotten. Everything could be currency. In this dystopia scrap is barter, meds are running out but still infection spreads, soon food itself may be a dwindling resource. How long is it possible to hold onto one’s humanity?

"Absolutely insane"

- the festivals uk

"An all-immersive theatrical experience"

- bristol247

"An overgrown immersive, dystopia"

- in reach

"A full-on theatrical and sensory experience"

- nightlife